Central Scholarship Named 2014 “Top Rated Non Profit”

Posted 10.22.14

Great Nonprofits 2014 Top-Rated Award Badge

For the fifth year in a row, Central Scholarship has been named a “Top Rated Non Profit” in the country. Thank you to the wonderful students who have taken time to write reviews about the work we do at Central Scholarship.  As a result of our students’ testimonies, we are in the top five most rated nonprofits in Maryland, and the most rated education non profit in the state.

Brandon Maryland, a student at the University of Maryland, writes, “Central Scholarship is a blessing to so many. I have learned this first hand by being the recipient of a very generous scholarship from CS. CS helped me beat the odds of falling prey to the negatives of inner city Baltimore, by providing financial support for me to explore the realms of academics in college. I can credit my recent admission into Towson University’s nursing program to the folks at CS. Central Scholarship recognized potential in me but also gave me a standard to strive for academically, sending me on a trajectory towards success.”

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  1. Great to know that there are many people and organizations that genuinely helping others by providing scholarship. I just want to congratulate you for your achievement.

  2. Larry Hill says:

    My granddaughter Ivy Velez and I attended the April 2016 forum in Baltimore. It was well organized, and extremely informative. The staff present were very helpful (thank you Kayla) and fun to talk with.
    Good work. Keep it up. There are many like Ivy who have no family, and limited public school staff to suggest routes to her dreams. You have.

    1. admin says:

      Thank you for the positive feedback. We’re thankful for the opportunity to educate students and parents in our community.

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