Central Scholarship is devoted to helping individuals achieve a better life through higher education. We believe that education is a right, not a privilege and that scholarships are an investment, not an expense.

We Believe Education is an Investment

In 1924, our founders had the innovative idea that charitable funds could be used for the advancement of people with dreams of better lives. Our founders believed that education beyond high school was not a luxury, but a necessary step in creating self-sufficient people and a strong community. That same spirit is alive and well almost 90 years later.

Central Scholarship began in 1924 by providing vocational training scholarships for orphaned Jewish men. We’ve since grown and now provide funding for all post-secondary education including vocational, undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees without regard to gender, religion, race or ethnicity. At our core, we are here to help the most underserved, to give those students a chance at a better life.

In recent years, the demand for our services has grown exponentially. In 2012, we received nearly 4,000 applications for our general scholarship programs. We will be able to fund less than ten percent of those who applied. This high number of applicants makes our scholarships and loans extremely competitive. In 2011, we turned away 333 students that had a 4.0 grade point average and met all our other requirements.

Initially, the goal of our scholarships was to help individuals receive an education that was otherwise financially out of reach. In recent years, we have expanded that goal by working with forward-thinking funders and now also fund students in areas where there is a critical workforce shortage or a strong need for high-caliber professionals. We have scholarship funds for graduate teacher education and bilingual social work students, both designed to create a pipeline of highly qualified professionals for Maryland. We also have funding for vocational training in fields such as healthcare where workers are in high demand.

To learn more about Central Scholarship’s history, view our Central Scholarship timeline.

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