April’s Scholar of the Month

Posted 04.30.14

Stanley L. and Dorothy Lobe Cahn Scholarship recipient Olumuyiwa Onibatedo holds his young sister

Olumuyiwa Onibatedo received the Stanley L. and Dorothy Lobe Cahn Scholarship last year.  He is a junior studying biology at Towson University.  Born in Nigeria, his decision to pursue a medical career resulted from his experiences as a child.  He recalls a deep curiosity when he visited the doctor in Nigeria and would follow the professionals around asking why and how they diagnosed their patients.  Today, he is a straight-A student despite financial difficulties.  He helps support his family in a single-mother household.  His father left abruptly several years ago so Olumuyiwa took a financial role in the family.  Olumuyiwa works and supports his younger siblings including his two-year old sister (pictured).  He writes, “I was brought up to see every struggle as a blessing in disguise, to know that everything happens for a reason, and to use my struggles as motivation for being the best I could be.”

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